Classes on offer 2019

DayTimeGroup Level
Monday6.30-7.30Intermediate 1B1
7.30 -8.30Les Actualités
Current Affairs
Tuesday9.15-10.15Beginners -refreshersA1-A2
10.15-11.15Improve your FrenchB2-3
7.00-8.00Book Club
Literature Classes
8.00 - 9.00Beginners

 Levels Explained

BeginnerA1You can deal with simple day to day activities, understand familiar words and interact in a basic way
ElementaryA2Deal with more specific day to day activities, understand frequently used expressions and handle short social exchanges
IntermediateB1You can deal with abstract ideas, describe experiences and handle the main points of familiar matters regularly encountered
Upper IntermediateB2You can debate more complex daily situations, give explanations and opinions and deal with most situations encountered when travelling
VantageB3You can deal with controversial issues, understand complex speech, maintain longer discussions and debates
OperationalC1You have good command of a broad range of language which you can use fluently. You can produce clear well-structured texts on complex subjects showing controlled use of advanced language structures

Assess Your Level

We recommend using the link below for an on-line assessment (this is part of the international AF Frames standard).


Download the 2018 Alliance Francaise Brochure