Classes on offer 2021 using Zoom

DayTimeGroup LevelDescriptionClass Number:
Monday7.00-8.00 pmIntermediate 1B1This class is designed to encourage B1 level (Intermediate) students to converse on different subjects and topics: Talking about the weather, defend your opinion, expressing order, doubt, uncertainty and possibility with a focus on current events.
o Day-to-day life around Kilkenny and in France.
o Activities will include presentations, discussions, games, etc.
8.15 - 9.15 pmLes Actualités
Current Affairs
B3-C1French conversation class on current affairs and issues. French conversation class. In this class, you will be able to converse about topics related to current events drawn from French TV, newspaper or magazine, podcasts, French movies or ads etc. Emphasis on pronunciation and grammar is made when necessary.
No textbook required for this class.
Tuesday9.00 - 10.00 amBeginners A1-A2In this class, You will learn basic French, greetings, talking about yourself and your situations and interests and moving on to using French in social and travel situations. You will also learn some of the basic tenses and vocabulary to get you started and sorted in France.1
10.15-11.15amVoyage en FranceB2-3this class is for B2 level students. We will discover different aspects of France (culture, history, geography, regional traditions and customs…) through the medium of several media including videos, recipes, music, films… The students will be asked to do short presentations. This class will not only improve students' oral skills but will also improve their listening skills and broaden their vocabulary.
(No textbook required)
Wednesday6.30 - 7.30 pmLeaving Certificate (Higher) A comprehensive course to cover all aspects of the Leaving Certificate including Oral work, Aural comprehension and Reading and Written Comprehension.2
7.45 - 8.45 pmBook Club
French Literature
C1French Literature (advanced French- C1/C2):
We will read three books during the term:
- « La villa Belza » de Bernadette Pécassou (J’ai lu) (roman de terroir sur le Biarritz des années folles)
- « Paroles » de Jacques Prévert (folio) (poésies) – Nous découvrirons également ses films et ses chansons.
- « Le confident » d’ Hélène Grémillon (folio) (récit historique et suspens psychologique)
The class will be divided in two parts:
- 10 minutes of literary and cultural news in general (new film, book prizes, etc…).
- For 50 minutes we will talk about the book and we will also discuss cultural matters associated with the book through the medium of videos, interviews, etc…
Thursday7.00 - 8.00 pmPreparation for Junior CertificateClass specifically aimed at those doing the Junior Certificate. Help and direction to maximise a student's potential.3
8.15 - 9.15 pmImprove Your FrenchB2-B3In this class, you will learn to use everyday expressions and phrases and improve your speaking aimed at ordering a meal in a restaurant, asking for directions, talk about your hobbies and interest. You will also learn to tell your daily routine or tell a story using the different tenses.6

 Levels Explained

BeginnerA1You can deal with simple day to day activities, understand familiar words and interact in a basic way
ElementaryA2Deal with more specific day to day activities, understand frequently used expressions and handle short social exchanges
IntermediateB1You can deal with abstract ideas, describe experiences and handle the main points of familiar matters regularly encountered
Upper IntermediateB2You can debate more complex daily situations, give explanations and opinions and deal with most situations encountered when travelling
VantageB3You can deal with controversial issues, understand complex speech, maintain longer discussions and debates
OperationalC1You have good command of a broad range of language which you can use fluently. You can produce clear well-structured texts on complex subjects showing controlled use of advanced language structures

Assess Your Level

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