Cultural Talk Monday 18th April : Disneyland Paris

L’imaginaire comme bien consommable : Disneyland Paris

Disney Paris

  • What was Walt Disney’s connection to Kilkenny?
  • Where was the first Disneyland amusement park created, and why?
  • Why was Paris chosen as the location for Disneyland, Europe?

Sahara Kauoane, a French sociology graduate, will address these questions, as well as examining the concept of imagination as a consumer product. She will look at the role of fairy tales, morals and nature in the creation of this “perfect” place. Quite an interesting topic, n’est-ce pas?

The presentation will be followed by tea and coffee. You also be treated to special madeleines (from Catherine) and a chanson (from Sahara, who is multi-talented!). This event takes place at the Club House Hotel at 8:30 pm on Monday 18th April. All are welcome to attend.