End of Term Soirée: Wine & Cheese in Beaujolais Wine Bar and Presentation on the Jura Region

As our year comes towards an end we have nice evening for you to contemplate. On Friday 20th May at 8pm in Beaujolais Wine Bar (go through the bar of Bollards in Kieran Street) we have a lovely evening in store. Bruno and Jacqueline TOSI, the celebrated stained glass artists, will give a presentation entitled: Patrons a la découverte de Jura (Let’s discover the Jura region). So you can discover the joys of Poligny, Besancon and Belfort and learn about the wonderful wines and cheeses (including the famous Compté) and fascinating features to be found there. As Bruno and Jacqueline spend half the year there in their studio in the Jura, and the other half in Knocktopher at their other studio here, they know and love the region and have lots to share on it.

There is no entry charge and you can buy your own wine and cheese from the other Bruno, the Bar Manager of Beaujolais. And we will have some songs to round off the evening from Pauline and Sahara from France along with Caoimhe Joyce from Ireland.

So come and join us in Beaujolais on Friday night to discover more about the Jura region that gave its name to a geological age: Jurassic. You could say you’ve waited aeons for this occasion!