Celebrate 14 July with the Alliance in Kilkenny

The French get it right! While we celebrate our national feast day in wet and windy March, they do theirs in full summer on 14 July But not to be outdone we’ve decided to join them in celebrating it this year! So at 2.30 pm on Wednesday 14 July at Butler Gallery, the Alliance Francaise in Kilkenny will be hosting a gathering outside Butler Gallery at Evans Lane. 
We will have a complimentary glass of wine (or get yourself a coffee at Muse Café) and some musical entertainment from The Sycamore Tree, playing French medieval music on the recorder. 
So give yourself a later lunch break, or pause your shopping to come and join us for a glass of wine, music and chat. 
Other aspects of Bastille Day (Military Parades, Jets flying past, Concerts from international stars, fireworks and dancing in the square) well, you’ll have to provide those yourself, we’ll just supply the fun, music and chat with a glass of wine!
Bonne Fete!
In Kilkenny you can nearly be there!